This article will explain all the data that should be entered when adding your first post, this includes all relevant details to optimise your sites SEO.

WordPress Post Title and Content

1. Post Title

The post title should be up to 65 characters long, you will be notified if your title is too long.

2. Content

This an obvious one but we have seen sites with published posts that have no content so thought it should be included.


WordPress Post SEO and Content

3. Category

Give your post a category so your content can be sorted and filtered, if you don’t currently have a category you can click the “+Add New Category” button. Categories allow for a broad grouping of post topics, see more details on categories & tags.

4. Tags

Tags are very much like categories but they are more specific, you can add tags to your post along with categories to even better allow grouping and searching of posts. See more details on categories & tags.

5. Feature Image

Featured images are optional but it is recommended you add a featured image to your post, featured images will show on the feed of posts on various sections of your site and also when you share your post via social media.

6. Title Tag

This is one of the most important parts, this is what Google will see as the primary title of your post. It is also what will appear on Google Searches, you will get a preview of what your title will look like as you type it. Your Title tag should include relevant keywords but should also form a readable sentence, so don’t just list all the keywords you can think of. Read the introduction to Title Tags and META Descriptions.

7. META Description

The Meta description is equally as important as the Title Tag, it also describes to Google in short what the post is about and will appear on search results. It should also include keywords but form a readable sentence.  Read the introduction to Title Tags and META Descriptions.


If you complete all steps above and write original content with lots of rich media such as images and video, you should start to receive an increase in traffic from search results. Also remember to make a habit of these practices and other things such as giving all your images relevant Alt Tags, Titles and descriptions where possible.