Added support for embed shortcode for HTML fields.
Added form switcher to entry detail view.
Added the “download” modifier to the fileupload field merge tag to force the file to be downloaded instead of opened in the browser.
Added the gform_secure_file_download_location filter to allow the file security to be bypassed. Not recommended – use with caution.
Added form title edit popup so that form title can be edited from any form page.
Added new form switcher.
Updated create form popup so that the form can be created by pressing the “enter” key while on the title input.
Updated the error messages for upgrade issues.
Fixed issues the gform_entries_column_filter and gform_entries_column hooks.
Fixed issue with entry export.
Fixed issue with gform_entries_first_column hook.
Fixed an issue with the validation of the notification reply-to and bcc fields.
Fixed issue with conditional logic when using translations that change number formatting.
Fixed issue causing form to be submitted on any key press when button had focus.
Fixed issue saving background updates setting in installation wizard.
Fixed issues with sales graph.
Fixed issues with {pricing_fields} markup.
Fixed an issue with the upgrade process from 1.9 to 2.0 for some installations with the HyperDB plugin configured.
Fixed issue where long custom meta keys caused Custom Field Name select to break out of field settings container.
Fixed an issue with the upgrade process from 1.9 to 2.0.
Fixed an issue with the download of files uploaded by the file upload field. Files now open in the browser by default. Add the dl=1 URL param to force the download.
Fixed an issue with the gform_is_value_match filter parameters which could occur when evaluating rules based on entry meta.
Fixed issue where gf_is_match() was selecting incorrect inputs for matching.