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WordPress like never before.

When we designed CloudCanvas we wanted to simplify everything for the user, from the WordPress admin to the process of managing plugins, updates and themes. We stripped away the non-essentials and added a load of new features that make life just that little bit easier.


A better WordPress dashboard

A new WordPress dashboard that allows you to focus on content

Our mission was to allow the user to focus on the content they are creating, one of the biggest problems with WordPress is bloat. After a few plugins are added and the admin area becomes a mess of menu items that sporadically place themselves in unintuitive positions and meta boxes that just aren’t needed.

The admin menu has been restructured and hidden away until needed, you can simply click the menu icon to reveal your menu. Notifications are contained in the notification center rather than scattered across the top of your screen and plugins are organised into categories to help filter through what is available.


CloudCanvas WordPress Dashboard
CloudCanvas Enhanced Security WordPress

Enhanced Security

CloudCanvas drastically improves the security on WordPress with fully integrated services such as and Google Safe Browsing. Preventing spam comments, registrations and login attempts.

CloudCanvas WordPress Updates

Never worry about updates

With CloudCanvas you never have to worry about updates again, updates are managed in the background and you never need to think about them.

CloudCanvas Google Analytics WordPress

Google Analytics

All CloudCanvas sites come with Google Analytics built in. You can also use your own Google Analytic account and see results directly from your dashboard.

CloudCanvas WordPress SendGrid

SendGrid Intergration

Ensure your outgoing emails delivered by integrating your CloudCanvas WordPress site with SendGrid to deliver all outgoing mail from your website. SendGrid ensures the deliverability of your mail to reduce the chances of it getting spammed.

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