If your site was prebuilt by CloudCanvas or one of our partners then you will need to set up payment from your account settings page rather than registering for a site.

Step 1: Login

If this is the first time logging in and you aren’t familiar with WordPress then you may want to follow this guide. Once logged in you simply need to click ‘Account’ from the top admin bar or from the main menu, there is also a link to your account in the support menu.

Step 2: Go to Account page

CloudCanvas Managed WordPress Hosting

Now that you are logged in you can go to the ‘Account’ page, this is located in the main admin toolbar, the support menu and the main dashboard menu. The ‘Account’ page covers all your payment and plan details.

Step 3: Add a payment method

CloudCanvas Managed WordPress Hosting

On the ‘Account Status’ section you can add any of the available payment methods, once your payment method is successful you will receive a confirmation from CloudCanvas and from the payment gateway that you selected. You can now check your payments from the Accounts page.