If you have been using CloudCanvas before July 2017 then you will be on one of our legacy plans which mean your plan pricing will be different. It also means that your payment history won’t show on your account dashboard since 25th July 2017, we will explain how to you can reconnect your payments so you still pay the original fee with your legacy plan but you can monitor your payments on the account dashboard.

You will need to add your payment method again, don’t worry you will only have to pay the price you agreed when signing up. To get started you will need to go to your account settings page. Log into your WordPress dashboard, once logged in you will see an ‘Account Statistics’ box, click ‘See Account Summary’.

CloudCanvas Managed WordPress Hosting


On the account settings page, look for the box labelled ‘Account Status’. Here you will see that your plan has the original price from when you signed up. Please check the price before adding a payment method, if the price is not correct then please contact us.

If you previously had more than one website with CloudCanvas you will have managed payments for each site separately. Now all websites are connected to one account and billed for together. You will notice that the plan price is now the value of all your website plans combined. If you currently have more than one site and the payments are on different dates then please contact us before adding a new payment method.

CloudCanvas Managed WordPress Hosting

To add a payment click ‘Add Payment Account’ currently, you can set up payment using any Credit or Debit Card payments are processed by Stripe.

Once you have configured a new payment method we will terminate the legacy payment connection, your payment will begin once the current period ends, you can check this date on the ‘Account Status’ box.