This guide will help you get started with Divi, you will learn how to change content using the Divi page builder.

If you haven’t logged in yet have a look at these guides first:


Editing a page from the Toolbar

Once you have logged in you can go to the frontend of your website, you will notice a blue arrow in the bottom right corner of your site. Hover the mouse over this and click to show the toolbar, you can click ‘Edit page’. If you are on a Mac hold down ‘cmd’ while clicking ‘Edit page’ to open the page editor in a new tab. On a computer hold down ‘ctrl’.

NOTE: You can also use the Divi Visual Builder. 


Ensure you are on the page you want to edit before clicking the edit page button on the toolbar. You can see how to enable the admin toolbar here.

Editing a page from the Dashboard

You don’t need to use the toolbar to open the page editor, you can also access the pages from the dashboard of your site. Once logged in you will see your dashboard. Open the main menu by clicking the menu icon in the top left hand of the screen, from the menu click pages and then ‘All Pages’.

Guide to adding content to WordPress

On the list of pages, we will be selecting the frontpage in this example. Just click the page name to open the editor.

Guide to adding content to WordPress

Divi Page Builder

Following both methods above will bring you to the page builder for the frontpage of the starter site. Below we can see the page builder structure.

Edit Page ‹ Starter — WordPress


Changing content using the Divi Builder

Using the above frontend and backend as a reference we can see what page builder modules reflect each area on the frontend of the site. In this guide will be changing the cover image and welcome text.

Open the section options


Open slider options


Change slide content

Once on the slide content, you can change the texts and images. There are hundreds of additional options but we will focus on just the content in this guide.

After changing the content you can click save and on the module settings click the ‘Eye’ icon to preview your changes. You can also save settings and click ‘Preview’ below ‘Update’ to see the preview of the entire page before publishing the live changes.

You may find it easier to edit pages with Divi using the Visual Builder, see how to activate the Visual Builder here.