In this article, we will cover the CloudCanvas dashboard. We will assume you are the website administrator although the dashboard will be the same for all user accounts, some menu items might not be available on your dashboard if you are an editor or you have a different CloudCanvas plan. The principle is the same on all plans and user accounts.

1. The Dashboard

Once you have logged in for the first time you will be taken directly to your site dashboard which will look something like the screenshot below, the dashboard modules might be in a different order.

CloudCanvas Dashboard Overview


  1. Admin menu – The admin menu contains all the good stuff such as pages, posts, settings and much more. The admin menu is closed by default and will show when you click the menu icon.
  2. Admin Toolbar – Support – The toolbar contains quick links, quickly create a new post, page, etc or switch between sites if you have more than one CloudCanvas website. You can also access support from the support option.
  3. Admin Toolbar – New  – Quickly add new pages, users, posts, etc from the new menu.
  4. Admin Toolbar Right – The right side of the Toolbar contains all the less frequently used functions such as Screen Options, Cache Purging, WordPress help and Account Settings links.
  5. User Account – You can set your image by using Gravatar, clicking your user icon will take you to your profile or allow you to log out.
  6. Limits and Quotas – You can see at a glance what your account limits and quotas are here.
  7. Account Statistics – See your current account level and usages such as disk use and the number of users. You can go directly to your account management page from the button here.