The Divi library is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to save modules, rows, sections or entire pages that you have built with the Divi page builder. You can then reuse these saved items anywhere on your site or even export them and use them on another site that is using Divi.

CloudCanvas also comes with extra features such as Divi Layout Injector that allows you to add library items to just about any area of your site including the header and footer. We will get into the Divi Layout Injector later.

The Divi library makes building your site quicker and easier, most websites will reuse certain elements with new content. For example, you may use the Extended Fullwidth header module on all your posts but you don’t want to keep adjusting the settings each time you publish a new post. You could save your customised Extended Fullwidth Header module to the Divi Library and then load it each time you add a new post and simply change the content and images without having to adjust all the settings again.

You can also create Global library elements, these will always remain the same across your site so should you change a global element in one location the change will reflect in all locations across the site. Global elements are great for call to actions that you want to keep consistent across your site. You can go even further by using selective sync to sync certain parts of a module, this is a great way of having a global element but still changing certain parts of it on individual pages/posts.

How to save a part of your page to the Divi Library?

The first step is to decide what you want to save, you can save a section, row or module within the page builder or even save the entire page should you need to.

How to save a whole layout
Saving an entire page is the easiest set as there aren’t many options to adjust. Once you have finished building your page with the Divi page builder you can just click the ‘Save to Library’ tab.

Save page to library optimize


How to save sections, rows or modules
To save a section, row or module you will need to finish building the section first and they open the setting by clicking the setting tab and then click ‘Save & Add To Library’.

How to add a module to Divi Library

How to use layouts from the Divi library

To use your saved page layouts you can simply click the ‘Load From Library’ tab at the top of the page.

Load Page Layout


How to load sections, rows or modules from the Divi library

Its quick and easy to load sections, rows or modules from the library. If you are adding a saved section simply click the ‘Add from Library’ option under the current section to add a new section from the library.

You can add a row from the library by clicking ‘Add Row’ and then select the ‘Add from Library’ tab at the top of the ‘Insert columns’ window.

Adding modules is the same process as adding a row from the library. Click ‘Insert Module(s)’ and then click the ‘Add from Library’ tab.