Email deliverability is a big problem with automated WordPress emails which are sent using a PHP mail function which many email providers flag as spam. You may find that user registration emails or lost password links aren’t making it to your user’s inbox is this because most email providers use spam detection tools that try to detect if an email is originating from the location it claims to be originating from.

CloudCanvas WordPress websites are configured to use Postman SMTP, we recommend you take a minute to configure you own SMTP details to ensure that your WP emails are delivered and also delivered from your email.

Postman SMTP WordPress

Using Postman you can configure your WordPress site to send mail using a Gmail address using a plain password transmission which we don’t recommend, we recommend you use one of the following:

Gmail API
Mandrill API
SendGrid API

You can open the Postman SMTP settings from the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu, we recommend you follow the setup wizard in Postman SMTP.

If you need assistance with the SMTP integration or with 3rd party APIs then please submit a support ticket for further assistance.