Domains can be registered from many places, you can register a domain name with our parent company on our domains, email and security site. If you purchase or transfer domain name from Lakewood we will set up your domain with CloudCanvas and also provide you with a free SSL certificate for your CloudCanvas website.

Register your domain


CloudCanvas Lakewood Domain Register

The site is a dedicated website for domains, security and email accounts. You can register domains, SSL certificates and even purchase email accounts here. We will guide you through the process of purchasing a domain name on the Lakewood DES site.

Type the domain you wish to register in the search form, don’t know what extension you want? Just type the name without an extension to get a list of various available extensions including .com and


Select your domain

Select a domain from the list of available or try searching again if you can’t find the domain you want, many .com domains will be taken. Try searching with some of the new extensions available such as .events .training .school and much more. View a list of all domain extensions and prices here.

Select domain name


Add domain to basket

Click ‘Select’ to add your domain to the car, you will also be notified of any other similar domains or discounts available. Next click ‘Checkout’ to proceed to the checkout.


Purchase your domain

You can now proceed to create an account and pay for your domain. Click ‘Create an account’, please ensure you enter your details correctly as they will be used as contact details for the domain and are required to be up to date.

Once you have created an account you can check the PayPal option and pay, you don’t need a PayPal account to checkout with the PayPal option, you can also checkout with just a card.


Map your domain to CloudCanvas

After you have received a confirmation email you can submit a support ticket to have your domain added to your CloudCanvas site and we will also add an SSL certificate and activate HTTPS on your site for an extra layer of security.

Submit Support Ticket