You can now manage your CloudCanvas subscription from your site dashboard, at a glance you can see essential usage stats and current plan details right from your WordPress Dashboard.

CloudCanvas Dashboard

We have also made it much easier and intuitive to manage your payments and plan settings, you can access your account settings page from the main toolbar at the top of all admin pages and from the support menu or the main menu. If you are on the dashboard then just click the blue ‘See Account Summary’ button to go directly to your account settings page.

CloudCanvas Dashboard

Your account page will be similar to the below screenshot, you can see all the essential information regarding your account and your websites. As of August 2017 plans will allow multiple websites rather than having a plan for each site, this helps keep things organised.

CloudCanvas Account Dashboard

We will be developing and improving the account administration further, if you are already a CloudCanvas site member then you will get all the latest updates via email.