Users are people who can access your WordPress admin, there are different types of users ranging from administrators to subscribers. See the different user roles types here.

We recommend you add a new user for every person you provide access to your admin and strongly advise you don’t share login details with other people. This helps keep your site security tight and also allows us to track any problems to a specific user, there is no limit to the number of users you can add.

Adding a new user

You can add a new user from the frontend toolbar or from your site admin, you must be an administrator to add a new user.

From the top toolbar hover over ‘New’ and select ‘User’, you will be taken to the new user page where you have two options. You can add an existing user that you may have on another site or you can create a new user.

Add Existing User

If you have more than one site with CloudCanvas you can add your existing users to your current site by using the ‘Add Existing user’ method. This allows your users to log into all your sites with the same login details and adds all sites they have access to to the ‘My Sites’ toolbar menu. You must enter the existing user’s email address and select a role for the user on the current site. The user will then send an email with an activation link.

Add New User

You can also create a new user, you will need to give your new user a username and enter a valid email address. Make sure you enter the correct email as an activation will be sent to this email. The user won’t be added until they open the activation link in their email, this will activate their account and provide them with login details.

Add new user


Email confirmation

We strongly advise you setup SendGrid on your CloudCanvas site to ensure all mail sent from your site is received and not put into spam. A member of our support team can help you setup SendGrid. if you don’t have SendGrid active please ask your users to check their spam folders for the activation email.

If you are still having issues please submit a support ticket and our support team will manually add the user for you and provide you with a password.