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We help local businesses get online and reduce the cost of their websites

As a business based in Herefordshire we love to meet other businesses and help them grow their online presence. We have been working with local businesses since 2013 and now we have launched CloudCanvas to provide a low cost solution to helping business get online with a great website. We don’t believe ‘just a website’ is good enough, with Google demanding quality content and excellent user experience on all devices you need more than ‘just a website’. You need a site that will grow with your business and effortlessly see you on the frontpage of Google.

Through Truffle Herefordshire we are offering a 20% discount on any website plan for Herefordshire based businesses. Visit the Truffle website and search for ‘CloudCanvas Websites’ to find the discount code to use at checkout.

We are always happy to meet new businesses and even give a demonstration as to how CloudCanvas can make things easier for you and save you money. If you are a large business with multiple websites then we can also provide information for our CloudCanvas Enterprise products.

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