WordPress Hosting

Advanced Server Architecture for Performance, Security and Stability

Never see another control panel again, CloudCanvas WordPress hosting makes your sites faster and servers more secure, it also brings efficiency to your team and business.



Fast Stacks

Nginx in front of Apache. PHP-FPM and MySQL. And you don’t have to touch a single configuration file.


Firewall by Default

CloudCanvas utilises a server side firewall to ensure that the entire system is tightened, not just WordPress.



HTTPS website no longer slow like before. HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of web page resources so only one connection per client is required.


Never Outdated

Stop worrying about control panel upgrades. You never have to worry about your control panel version, what might break when you upgrade, and whether you missed an update on any of your sites.



Configure your WP emails to be delivered via SendGrid or SMTP to avoid user emails getting stuck in spam.



CDN built into the core of your WordPress site, all assets are delivered via our global CDN automatically.


Easy SSL

CloudCanvas will issue a free SSL certificate for you and configure your domain. CloudCanvas is always secure!



Launch new sites instantly. We can even create staging sites for you free of charge.



We manage cache so you don’t have to, never worry about caching plugins again.


Image Optimising

Automattic image optimisation is built into CloudCanvas, images are fully optimised as they are uploaded.



Never see a cPanel or command line again, we take care of the technical stuff.



Fully managed minification, our team will optimise your site manually. No relying on automated minification breaking your site.


Instant Deployment

Launch your WordPress site in minutes

We built CloudCanvas to allow users to instantly launch a WordPress website that is ready to start working on right away.

No waiting around for DNS to propagate or time wasted installing the same themes and plugins each time. With CloudCanvas you are given a temporary domain that you can use to view your site instantly, your site is also configured with default settings to help you get moving with your WordPress project quicker.


CloudCanvas Instant Site Setup
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

All CloudCanvas sites come with Google Analytics built in. You can also use your own Google Analytic account and see results directly from your dashboard.

Google Analytics

Any Domain

Use any domain with your CloudCanvas website, you can even add multiple domains to manage redirects all from your dashboard.

Fully Managed

Never see a server control panel again

CloudCanvas is a fully managed platform, you never have to worry about any technical elements such as hosting and security as we take care of it all for you. Leaving you to spend time growing your business and audience.

Our team work silently in the background managing the entire CloudCanvas infrastructure.

CloudCanvas Managed WordPress Service

Make Your WordPress Website Work For You With CloudCanvas.

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