In this guide, we will go over the steps required to quickly change your brand logo and set some default brand colours on your CloudCanvas website using the Divi theme. We will assume you already have a logo ready, we suggest you use a PNG image or SVG (using an SVG will require enabling the SVG support plugin first).

To change the branding on your site you will have to log into your dashboard. See this article if you haven’t logged into your site before.

Once logged in open the main menu and select ‘Divi’ and then ‘Theme Options’. You will notice the first option is the logo, this will currently have the default logo in place. No need to click ‘Reset’ you can click ‘Upload’. You can now upload your logo to the media or select one you have uploaded previously.

CloudCanvas Theme Options

Most image sizes will work although some may work better with different menu layouts. We recommend a max width of 790px, you should also ensure your image has been correctly compressed before uploading. We suggest uploading your image to

You can also set your brand colours here for easy use with the page builder, once the logo is set and your brand colours are picked you can save the Theme Options.