If your CloudCanvas account has expired for any reason you will need to add a payment method before you can access your WordPress site or dashboard again.

To add a payment you will need to login to your WordPress site as the main account holder, this will be the account that was used when you signed up for a CloudCanvas account. Only the administrator account holder an add a new payment method and reactivate your WordPress website.

Once you have logged into your site you will be greeted with the following screen:How to add payment when account has expired?

Click ‘Add Payment Account’ this will allow you to add a card that will be used for your CloudCanvas subscription fee:
How to add payment when account has expired?

Please check that the price and payment schedule is correct before you click ‘Pay’. Once you enter your card details and click ‘Pay’ you will be redirected to your site dashboard. You can check the status of your payments and change your card details any time on your account section.